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All Schools

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Rugby union is a game for All Schools – everyone can play it and every school can teach it. All Schools has been developed by the RFU to increase the amount of rugby in schools, and to encourage new players to join local clubs.

From 2012 rugby will be taken to 750 state secondary schools with the aim of making school life happier and healthier, reducing anti-social behaviour, enhancing learning and increasing self-esteem for students. In partnership with the Rugby Football Foundation we will create a positive legacy for 1 million children through rugby and its core values.

Teamwork; Respect; Enjoyment; Discipline; Sportsmanship

All Schools represents one of the RFU’s major development programmes from the 2015 Rugby World Cup; it presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to deliver the greatest participatory legacy for the game.

By investing in sport, we are investing in schools, communities and society.

750 schools
1 million children
10 million pounds

If we are going to reach All Schools we need your help. The RFU is committed to building this legacy but we cannot do it alone. All Schools will cost £10 million to implement – the money will be raised through RFU investment, sponsorship and fundraising. The RFU has made an initial commitment of £2 million. Together we will bring rugby to All Schools.

Creating a positive legacy for one million children through rugby and its core values.

To find out more about All Schools and how you can be part of the rugby legacy, contact Hannah Mann on or 0208 831 7623

Download the All Schools Newsletter here (PDF 7.4MB).

Read more about Prince Harry's visit to Twickenham Stadium with participating students as part of his role as All Schools Patron.

Canterbury, official partner of All Schools  

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