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Independent Head of Rugby Judiciary (voluntary position)


Start Date

Job Description

The Independent Head of Rugby Judiciary is the senior member of the RFU’s independent judiciary.

Responsibilities will include the appointment of the standing panel of the Rugby Judiciary and specifying panel members to hear all RFU disciplinary cases at first instance and on appeal, as well as hearing cases himself/herself as appropriate. This appointment will be for a fixed period of three years subject to the terms of a contract. Such a three-year period is able to be renewed no more than twice. The successful candidate will be primarily responsible for safeguarding the reputation of the RFU through clear, consistent and fair decision-making by disciplinary, appeal and other panels.

Key skills:
• High level of expertise in rugby disciplinary matters
• Stakeholder management skills
• Decisiveness and objectivity
• Ability to inspire respect and confidence
• Ability to maintain authority when challenged
• Ability to work at speed and under pressure
• Ability to organise time efficiently and produce clear, reasoned judgments expeditiously
• Ability to motivate, support and encourage the development of members of the Independent Rugby Judiciary
• Ability to engage positively with all judicial colleagues and RFU Discipline employees

Key experience:
• The Head of Rugby Judiciary shall be a senior legal practitioner of at least 10 years' qualification, or a serving or retired judge
• He/she shall be experienced in judicial leadership (either in a professional or sporting capacity)
• He/she will demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the game and of its disciplinary procedures
• Experience of acting as an international Rugby Judicial Officer is highly desirable

To apply for this position, please contact our strategic recruitment adviser, Jim Chaplin on 020 7092 6964 or by email on by April 12, 2013.

All third party and direct applications will be forwarded on to Jim Chaplin.

Application Deadline

12 April 2013

Closing Date

12 April 2013