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Ellie Harris – Stadium Events and Operations Executive

Ellie Harris

Photo: RFU Archive

How did you get to where you are today?
A long story! I started working for the RFU as an intern in 2003, in the summer leading up to the Rugby World Cup, arranging the Send Off Dinner for the team. Following that event, I did some work for Premier Rugby Ltd whilst the Rugby World Cup was taking place and when the team won the World Cup I was given a permanent position that I sought in the Sponsorship team. I left the commercial department in December 2006 to take up my position in the Stadium Department.

Why did you join the RFU?
At the time of applying for my position with the RFU I was determined to work in event management, but wanted something more than arranging corporate functions. Being part of a team putting on world class events, which are watched by people from, and in, all parts of the world isn’t something that many people have the opportunity to do, and the thrill of being involved with Twickenham Stadium and England Rugby is fantastic.

What does your role involve?
I have a very varied role which includes: assisting the Stadium Director with his day to day requirements; coordinating the use of the Stadium both on match and non-match days; working with parties hiring the Stadium; accrediting all on site staff and visitors for event days; liaising and coordinating with concert promoters in the lead up to concerts; working with film location managers in the use of the Stadium as a shoot location…

What do you enjoy most about working for the RFU?
The buzz of the event days – no two events are ever the same.

What is your take on Rugby?
It’s a fantastic sport open to all ages and abilities, which brings with it a (generally) great natured crowd. I don’t think I’d want to take the tackles myself though!

Message to prospective applicants…
The RFU is a great environment to work in, and I definitely feel my perseverance to get a permanent position back in 2003 was worth it! The people that you meet and work with are so diverse from day to day, and people’s eyes never glaze over when you mention where you work at dinner parties!


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