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Katharine Bessent – Kit & Resources Administrator

Katherine Bessent

Photo: RFU Archive

How did you get to where you are today?
I worked in catering and events for an enjoyable six years, the first three of those years being with Payne & Gunter (now part of Twickenham Experience). Then I went to Windsor Racecourse for the other three but could not shake the Twickenham bug, and found myself back here in 2007 but in a completely different capacity as Kit & Resources Administrator.

What does your role involve?
This is the most varied role I've ever done, there are so many different elements to my job that it never feels dull or monotonous. I deal with everything from Community Rugby Carrier Bags to Tackle Bags, from Fridge Magnets to Referee's kit, although there are obviously still invoices to process and reports to write too!

What do you enjoy most about working for the RFU?
Even now I have days when I wander in in the morning, round the Stadium to our office in the West Stand and still feel an enormous sense of awe and excitement to be working in such a place. Some days the gates are open in the North East and North West corners enabling me to walk by the side of the pitch - which in the bright sunlight and silent stands is a pretty special thing to be able to do, particularly as an avid rugby fan.

What is your take on Rugby?
My knowledge about the actual game and its technicalities has increased a lot since working here. I would never have dreamt that I would know so much about the different types of rugby balls etc... it continues to stun my husband that I can hold my own in a conversation about rugby, and not just about rugby players!

What does the future hold for you both at the RFU and your career?
Am not sure what the future holds, but I can't see me leaving the RFU anytime soon as I really do enjoy my job and love being a part of such a great team, plus I don't think my husband would ever let me leave as that would put an end to the International tickets we are able to purchase!


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