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Polar is working in partnership with the RFUW for the Women’s Rugby World Cup 2010 and the 2010/2011 season.

The RFUW use the Polar Team2 to assess and maintain player fitness and to ensure the team is in top form.

What is Team2?

Using digital technology Team2 allows the RFUW to record heart rate seamlessly and transmit player data on to a laptop or PDA in real time. The coach can then adjust the training session to increase or decrease the intensity individual players or the team are working at. This ensures that player fitness is maximised and maintained.  The instant feedback from Team2 also reduces post training analysis of player fitness.

There is also a training load feature which shows how hard each player is working in a session. The cumulative training load is used to determine the recovery element, which highlights how well recovered a player is after training, a match or even travel. The coach can then determine when the player should train again and what sort of training is best. This helps clubs avoid overtraining and injury.

Another benefit is that the software also allows post training analysis by player, position or team to track heart rate, intensity of work, training duration, number of training sessions, calorie expenditure, training load and recovery.

Nicky Ponsford, the RFUW’s Head of Performance, said: “The Team2 system is a fantastic asset for our coaches as it ensures we can monitor the training load of all players effectively. Leading into the World Cup, which is a very intense tournament, it’s vital to ensure that the players are as well prepared as possible. The Team2 will help us achieve that aim, and that is why we will be using the Team2 system extensively in the build up to the World Cup.”

Polar is widely seen as the market leader of heart rate monitors and Polar products are validated by the Olympic Medical Institute. For further information on Polar heart rate monitors visit


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