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Helping Rugby Grow

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The Invest in Rugby Mark

We have always been passionate about supporting our game. Partly, as a result of the RFU’s work, rugby thrives across England right from grass roots level to our elite game. Simply put, the money that we make from our commercial activity is invested into the game.

In choosing to buy anything such as merchandise, tickets, travel, hospitality and many other products and services through the RFU or its official partners, you are investing in English Rugby.

If you buy unofficial products or services, your money will not go back to the game.

Putting Money Into The Game

The RFU has introduced the Invest in Rugby Mark to help you as a consumer choose how to spend your money. Products carrying the Invest in Rugby Mark carry a guarantee that in purchasing that product or service you are putting money back into rugby.

If you care about where the proceeds from your rugby related purchase go then look out for the Invest in Rugby Mark. It’s the only way you can be certain that your money goes back to the game.

The Invest in Rugby Mark helps you in making your choices as a consumer.

We’re in the process of introducing the Invest in Rugby Mark across all products and services that result in money going back to the game via the RFU. This will take time but eventually all endorsed products will carry the Invest in Rugby Mark.


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