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CB Representative Rugby

Captain George Skivington is one of the few survivors in Stuart Lancaster's team to face USA

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Constituent Bodies play an integral role in providing opportunities for talented players to participate at higher levels. It is however, essential that representative rugby for the few is not detrimental to the vast majority of rugby which takes place within schools and clubs.

The RFU provides an annual Youth Structured Season which sets out clear timeframes when club, school and CB rugby should take place. This helps all stakeholders to plan their programmes appropriately, to ensure that the talented player is not over-played or trained.

CB representative squads recognise and reward talented players, coaches and administrators who have the ability to perform at higher levels. They also provide the gateway to higher levels at Divisional and national level.

The identification and development of talent remains a critical element for rugby at all levels of the game. To secure the future success of schools, clubs and representative teams, and to give players clear expectations of their potential opportunity, the RFU has been looking at how to bring talented players through the system across England, in both the men’s and women’s game.

Player Development Pathway Task Group

To that end a Player Development Pathway Task Group was set up in January 2010 to look into this and on June 9 it presented its final recommendations to the RFU Council following a comprehensive consultation process with Constituent Bodies, the England Rugby Football Schools Union (ERFSU), clubs and schools.

Those recommendations were accepted in full and lay down a clear roadmap for England representative teams at Under 16, Under 18 and Under 20 for the next four years. Download the following document to view the Player Development Pathway Task Group recommendations in full (PDF 335kB). You may also find useful the Player Development Task Group powerpoint presentation (MS Powerpoint DOC 373kB).


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