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08 CB Send Out - 14 June 2007

URGENT County Championships 2007/08

Preparations are under way for the 2007/08 County Championships and before the fixtures are finalised we need confirmation of which teams will be participating. Surrey have withdrawn. All other counties will be entered into the 2007/08 County Championships unless they advise Chris Burns [ ] otherwise by 5pm on Monday 2 July 2007.

Go Play Rugby

Many thanks for all you are doing to encourage your clubs to sign up their Campaign Teams on RugbyFirst. We are continuing to make very good progress. The table at the end of this email shows Dorset & Wiltshire are leading the way. The clubs identified as priority clubs by your CB campaign teams will be flagged shortly. Attached are two reports (1 page and 3 pages) from Andy Lees with details of the campaign and answers to your questions. These have been sent to your CB campaign teams. If you have any points, comments or questions about any aspect of the campaign please contact [ ].

Community Rugby Toolkit 2007/08

The Recruitment Fund toolkit was launched at the Rugby Leaders Conference on 31 March/1 April. The first tranche of funding, relating to the GoPlayRugby Campaign, has been released to County CBs. Each County CB Treasurer will have received a cheque for £3,000. This provided core funding including club launches. Applications for the remaining funding, up to £5,000 per county CB, should be made by 1 July 2007 for projects to be completed by 1 February 2008. You can download the Community Rugby toolkit and application form here.

Seal of Approval

Please find attached the latest update on Seal of Approval accreditations. The fantastic news is that we have achieved our target for the year as we now have a grand total of 355 accredited clubs. Andy Lees would like to thank you for all your hard work on Seal of Approval this season. Here's to another 100 or more next season!

Developing Rugby Delivery in Schools

The Rugby Football Union''s Coaching Department is pleased to announce a new initiative aimed at supporting the delivery of rugby union within schools. Sixteen regionally-based development days are being run throughout the summer term for teachers of rugby union in schools. Topics and presenters for each development day, together with application forms can be found in the Managing Schools Rugby section of the RFU website. Attendances so far have been very high.

Coaching Courses

Attendances at coaching courses continue to rise with 8% more people attending Level 1 courses, 39% more people attending Level 2 courses and 130 people registered on the new Level 3 course. Rugby courses represent excellent value compared to other UKCC sports. E.g. Tennis Level 1 £110, Hockey Level 1 £130 and Netball Level 1 £170, Football Level 2 £300, Hockey Level 2 £300, Swimming Level 2 £639 & Athletics Level 2 £350. Courses are running throughout June and July and start again in September. Courses and application forms can be found in the Coach section of the RFU website.

Diary Dates

Please make a note of these two events, further details will be announced in due course:

  • 5/6 October 2007
  • CB Conference (provisional date)
  • 19/20 January 2008
  • Rugby Leaders Conference


Following a series of interviews we are pleased to advise that Nic Scott (Regional Rugby Development Manager for Midlands West) has been appointed Equity, Welfare and Medical Manager within Community Rugby. He started this role on 1 June. We wish him well in this new and challenging role.

Constituent Body Target Number of clubs to take part in the GoPlayRugby Campaign Clubs with campaign team registered on RugbyFirst Percentage of target signed up
Dorset & Wilts RFU (CB) 19 37 195%
Staffordshire County RFU (CB) 14 22 157%
Hertfordshire RFU (CB) 16 21 131%
East Midlands Rugby Union (CB) 20 24 120%
Northumberland Rugby Union (CB) 10 12 120%
Eastern Counties Rugby Union (CB) 20 24 120%
Cornwall RFU (CB) 15 17 113%
Students'' Rugby Football Union (CB) 100 112 112%
Middlesex County RFU (CB) 33 34 103%
Essex County RFU (CB) 21 20 95%
Kent County Rugby Football Union Limited (CB) 27 24 89%
Somerset County RFU Limited(CB) 24 21 88%
Lancashire County RFU (CB) 38 33 87%
Gloucestershire RFU (CB) 34 26 76%
Yorkshire RFU (CB) 48 32 67%
Devon RFU (CB) 20 13 65%
Berkshire County RFU (CB) 10 6 60%
Notts, Lincs & Derbyshire RFU (CB) 31 17 55%
Leicestershire Rugby Union Ltd (CB) 14 7 50%
Cheshire RFU (CB) 21 9 43%
Cumbria RFU Ltd. (CB) 12 4 33%
Oxfordshire RFU (CB) 9 3 33%
Surrey Rugby (CB) 35 11 31%
Durham County Rugby Union (CB) 16 5 31%
Buckinghamshire County RFU (CB) 8 2 25%
Warwickshire RFU (CB) 22 3 14%
Hampshire RFU Ltd. (CB) 17 2 12%
North Midlands RFU (CB) 31 2 6%
Sussex RFU Ltd. (CB) 16 1 6%
Army Rugby Union (CB) TBC 1 TBC
Cambridge University RFU (CB) TBC 0 TBC
Oxford University RFU (CB) TBC 0 TBC
Royal Air Force Rugby Union (CB) TBC 1 TBC

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