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CB Send Out - January 15, 2010

I have ten items of importance to tell you about:

Warning Notice – Alleged Fraud

The IRB have circulated the following warning concerning a Nigerian based scam involving Rugby players and coaches.

"It has come to the attention of the IRB that a person or persons who appear to be operating out of Nigeria are purporting to represent themselves as Mr Ole Neilson (President of Danish Rugby Union) and/or Luc Baatard (ex-President of Swiss Rugby Federation). Both Mr. Neilson and Mr. Baatard had no knowledge that their names were being used for this purpose and are both greatly concerned. The alleged scam involves players and coaches applying for positions in clubs and academies that do not exist. Some of the names used have been – ORC, Olen Rugby Club, LUC Rugby Academy, Swiss Rugby Union and Denmark Rugby Union. The players and coaches are asked to send money to a bank account to cover their visa costs. The Danish and Swiss police are investigating this matter. Should your Union feel it appropriate please provide this information to stakeholders involved in the Game in your territory so that further people do not fall victim to this alleged scam."

RFU President’s XV Awards 2010

There are only 18 days left to submit your nominations for this season’s President’s XV awards. The attached flyer shows this year’s categories chosen by John Owen (PDF 190kB), RFU President and feature awards for teams of volunteers who, over the last 12 months, have promoted our Core Values and developed the people and places needed to support grassroots rugby. Winners in each of the 15 categories receive £500 prize money for their club, with two runners up receiving £100 each. If you know an outstanding team of rugby volunteers, please complete the nomination form by February 2, 2010.

Discretionary Rate Relief

There have been a number of instances of Local Authorities removing discretionary rate relief across the country which can add considerable additional expenditure to clubs especially in these difficult economic times. In order to assess the impact nationally could CB’s and Clubs let the RFU know where this has happened (already) or local communication has taken place where this may be coming into place in the near future. Please send details of the Local Authority, Club and the amount of reduction in discretionary rate relief to Please remember that clubs could be eligible for 80% mandatory rate relief by registering as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC).

Business Rates Review

Every five years a business rate review is undertaken by the Local Authority via guidance from the Valuation Office. Every club who is eligible to pay business rates should have received a new rating valuation in October 2009 for the next financial year – April 2010 onwards. Please could Clubs and CB’s let know if there been any major changes in these rating valuations from the previous valuation in 2005 so that we can gauge if there is national issue affecting rugby clubs. Please let us know if you have experienced a large increase in business rates since 2005 and also if you have seen an increase in your rateable value because of investment that you have made into your clubs facilities.


Are your Rugby Clubs registered as Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASC)? Are they using Gift Aid to raise more funds? JustGiving, Sport England and Central Council for Physical Recreation (CCPR) have formed a new partnership to offer CASCs a FREE service to increase their ability to claim Gift Aid! JustGiving can help your club:

- raise money more easily, quickly and efficiently.

- claim Gift Aid more easy, as they do all the administration for you.

- Their payments are weekly, so you know when they are coming, and can plan ahead.

- access to your fundraising data, at any time, easily.

- by offering free support from real people at the other end of the phone

For further information visit

Companies Limited by Guarantee

Please note that the most up to date RFU model templates for memorandum and articles for Clubs and CB’s wishing to consider incorporation as Companies Limited by Guarantee is available on the RFU website. This includes all the amended and updated documents required to deal with Companies Act 2006 compliance and amended template tax letter. Please note that the information that was circulated on the Incorporation CD Rom is now out of date and only the information posted on the RFU website should be used by Clubs and CB’s wishing to incorporate as Companies Limited by Guarantee.

Industrial and Provident Society (IPS)

RFU model rules for clubs and CB’s wishing to incorporate under the Industrial and Provident Society (IPS) are on the RFU website. The model rules for incorporation under the Industrial and Provident Society (IPS) remain the same and the information on the Incorporation CD Rom still remain valid for use. Please be aware that that the Financial Services Authority (FSA) has included a new question within the registration form for Clubs/CBs wishing to register as an Industrial and Provident Society (IPS), which asks 'Who is the sponsoring body?'. If Clubs/CBs are using the RFU Model Rules then answer to that question is the RFU. Clubs/CBs that indicate the RFU is the sponsoring body will save money on the incorporation fee. However the completed application form, along with a copy of the proposed Rules, together with what changes are being made from the RFU Model Rules registered with the FSA need to be sent to the RFU Legal Department for sign off. If clubs are using the model rules then current fee payable to the FSA is £40 if no changes from the Model Rules, £120 for 1-6 changes, £350 for 7-10 changes and £950 for 11 or more changes or if the club is not using the model rules. If you have any questions please contact


[From the Schools and Youth Discipline Secretary, Nigel Orton] Managers and coaches need to be aware of their club and school websites including those created on Facebook, My Space or other utility sites. If your team communicates in this way and the site is open to the public then game Regulation 5 applies and you need to ensure your players are being responsible and not posting offensive or abusive comments.

RFU Injured Players Foundation

The RFU Injured Players Foundation is looking for volunteers to help out with bucket shakes to raise money for the charity which provides support to catastrophically injured players. They will be holding collections at England v Wales on 6 February and England v Barbarians on 30 May. Are you attending these matches and could volunteer some of your time before the match to help the charity? For more information on this and other opportunities to work with the charity please contact 020 8831 7620. For details of the work of the RFU Injured Players Foundation please visit

RFU Regional Press Officers

Does your CB have a tale to tell? Do you have members who have been doing great things for decades without getting a mention? Has your CB come up with a ground-breaking project that has changed the place dramatically? Or have you been ambling along steadily without making a fuss and suddenly discovered that you’ve reached a milestone that people ought to know about? The RFU’s Regional Media Team is in place specifically to help you achieve the exposure you deserve, not only in Touchline magazine and on the RFU website, but also in the regional media. All they need is a call or an email message to alert them to YOUR STORY and they’ll do the rest. So don’t hide your light under a bushel. And don’t feel left out when other clubs are cornering the limelight. Bang the drum and let people know about the great things that are happening at your club. These are the people who can help:

South West: Julia Hutton on 07971 474557 or Steve Williams 07710 281640

London & South East: Hugh Godwin on 07968 392688

Midlands : Paul Bolton on 07966 102495

North: Tony Simpson on 07764 336708


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