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PLAY 2011 - Information for CBs

A winger breaks clear after narrowly avoiding a tackle

Photo: RFU Archive

In 2007 the RFU launched PLAY, the largest sports recruitment campaign ever. The scheme attracted more than 9,000 lapsed players back into the game and its success exceeded all expectations.

As a natural extension of PLAY, the RFU turned its focus to player retention and the subsequent Play On campaign was designed to address player drop-off as students move through their rugby journey from school, further and higher education and then into the club game.

Central to the RFU's strategic focus for recruiting and retaining players, PLAY 2011 will be created to form one national campaign around the Rugby World Cup. The tournament will create huge anticipation and excitement and PLAY 2011’s success will in part rest on the involvement of the 35 Constituent Bodies (CB's) in delivering the campaign. Its primary objective will be to increase the number of senior adult teams by one team in every section one club.

By using the game’s Core Values, PLAY 2011 will target male and female players aged 16 and over. It will particularly look to grow the women's game and will be proactively promoted through the club network and with a national communications and promotional campaign.

The role of the CB's is crucial to the activation and success of the campaign because they will provide the RFU's local communications and a central campaign point. Using intimate knowledge of their clubs CBs can act as a vital link with the RFU and support the clubs.

CB Rugby Development Partnerships plan, agree and implement a strategy for rugby development of all players within the CB and will work in partnership with the RFU Rugby Development Officers (RDO's) to help develop and promote the planning of PLAY's strategy through 2010/11 and 2011/12.

The PLAY 2011 Recruitment and Retention Strategy (PDF 43kB) outlines the objectives and implementation of the scheme.

Quite simply, it will be the biggest recruitment and retention campaign ever.


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