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Constituent Body Rugby Development Partnership

Primary Function

Plan, agree and implement the strategy for Rugby Development for 7-24 age group within the Constituent Body. Demonstrate fairness and openness with those stakeholders involved in the Constituent Body Rugby Development Partnership (RDP).


The RDP will report to the CB Management Committee.

Key Terms of Reference

  • Plan a co-ordinated annual Rugby Development programme for the CB, incorporating the RDO work programme in accordance with the RFU and CB Strategic Plans
  • Prepare and manage the agreed CB budget for the RDP
  • Establish and manage an integrated player development and playing programme in accordance with the Structured Season. Determine the policies for County Age Grade Teams
  • Establish and maintain effective player tracking system
  • Ensure the co-ordination of Potential Elite Player Development Programmes in conjunction with the Academies, EPDCs and Premier clubs in line with the Structured Season (Membership of Academy Steering Groups.)
  • Confirm the recommendations for the appointment of coaches and managers to all squads within the 7-24 age groups
  • Where and when appropriate, bring other partners and agencies together to ensure delivery of the CB Rugby Development Plan
  • With partner agencies and stakeholders, ensure co-ordination of programmes on a regional and national basis
  • To receive reports from the Sub-Committees on the implementation of the plan against budget
  • To work with and in support of the CSU’s activitie

CB Rugby Development Partnership: Membership of the Executive

  1. Chair of the CB RDP (who will also sit on CB Management Committee)
  2. Chair of 7-18 Group
  3. Chair of 19-24 Group
  4. Chair of Coaching;
  5. A Representative from Referees Society
  6. RRDM or RDO, where appropriate
  7. Chair of RDO Co-ordinating Group (if not already part of the CB RDP)
  8. A representative of each of the schools, students and clubs (if not already represented in i. to vii. above)


Each partnership will establish Sub-Committees to implement the development strategy.

Key Functions:

1. 7-18 Committee

    1. To manage programmes for development squads and age grade teams for: U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U18 age groups;
    2. Continuum implementation and co-ordination;
    3. County schools competitions in conjunction with County Schools Unions;
    4. County festivals (schools and clubs);
    5. Active Sports;
    6. County club competitions;
    7. Academy liaison;
    8. Player recruitment and retention programme.

2. 19-24 Committee

  1. To manage programmes for development squads and age grade teams, 19-24 years
  2. FE/HE co-ordination and development
  3. County leagues and cup competitions
  4. Player recruitment and retention programmes

3. Coaching Committee

  1. Coach education programme
  2. Coach development and identification
  3. Coach mentor, assessor and tutor programmes
  4. Coach tracking
  5. Coach appointments and recommendations to squads
  6. Coach recruitment and retention programmes


  • The CB Schools Union shall have the right to nominate an equal number of representatives to those of the clubs on the 7-18 Sub-Committee and the Students Union shall have a representative on the 19-24 Sub-Committee
  • RFUW would be covered through RDO programme and attendance by RFUW representatives when appropriate
  • The full CBRD Partnership (includes all members of the Sub-Committee) shall meet at least twice every year with external Partners (possibly in conference form). April/May to review and plan the annual development programmes. November/December to mentor and support the plan
  • The CB RDP will manage and implement the ongoing CB Development Plan on a day to day basis
  • Budget would be set by the CB RDP and approved by the RFU Community Rugby and Operations Director to ensure equality
  • All appointments to CB Squads will follow a standard, open and transparent selection process
  • Player tracking will be developed centrally at Twickenham, whilst managed and maintained locally by the CB RDP
  • Chairman and Secretary to be elected by the members of the CB RDP on an annual basis, subject to confirmation at the CB AGM

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