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Constituent Body Safeguarding Manager (Volunteer)

Reports To:

CB Governance and/or Executive Committee (and RFU Child Protection & Welfare Executive)

Key Relationships: 

CB Hon Secretary, CB RDP Chairperson, CB schools & youth committees (as appropriate), RFU Safeguarding team, Rugby Development Officer (s), RFU Regional Press Officer, Club Welfare Officers, Local Safeguarding Team/ Partnership and County Sport Partnership.

Nature of the Role:

To provide leadership in the Safeguarding of Children in Rugby Union across the Constituent Body area, maintaining key relationships with the CB Management Committee, RFU Safeguarding Team and local Club Welfare Officers (CWO).

The CB Safeguarding Manager should undertake NSPCC training and any appropriate RFU safeguarding courses. 

The Safeguarding Manager will ideally have a background in child protection from any of the statutory agencies (Police, Social Services, Children's services).

The person should also have a range of key skills and attributes including: empathy, approachability, good sense of humour, objectivity, attention to detail, resilience and dedication to the cause of safeguarding young people.

In return, the appointed individual will receive intensive support from the RFU Safeguarding team in the form of training, conferences and regular communications and will receive corporate kit and resources to support them in the delivery of this role.

Key tasks:

  • To be an active member of the CB Governance or Management / Executive Committee;
  • Offer guidance & support to local clubs on developing their own 'Safeguarding Young People in Rugby Union" policy, in conjunction with their Club Safeguarding Officers;
  • To identify, develop, train, support and maintain a team of Club Safeguarding Officers (CSOs), and, if appropriate, deputy CBSMs, across the CB area, and ensure their registration on the RFUs RugbyFirst clubs database;
  • To co-ordinate a programme of training, in conjunction with CWOs and/or RDO, for club personnel involved in working with young people (i.e. Safeguarding & Protecting Young People in Rugby Union courses);
  • To be the Safeguarding advisor for the CB Schools of Rugby and other local performance pathways;
  • To attend the RFUs CB Safeguarding Manager Conference (x 2 per season);
  • In conjunction with the CSOs, develop an effective CRB process within the CB to ensure that all individuals working with young people undertake a CRB application every three years (note: they will also require an ISA-registration from Oct 09);
  • To ensure that all  safeguarding issues and incidents involving adult(s) and children/ young people under 18 are reported promptly to the RFU Safeguarding team and the CB Hon Secretary;
  • To conduct information gathering or investigations as requested by the RFU Safeguarding team, and be available to attend RFU,  CB or Club Disciplinary hearings when required;
  • To have contact details for the local statutory agencies and liaise with them when necessary;
  • To monitor, on an annual basis, 10% of the clubs with players and teams under 18 within the CB, and return audit forms to RFU Safeguarding team for analysis;
  • To ensure the presence of a ‘Safeguarding Young People’ page on the CB web pages;
  • To be involved in a club’s Seal of Approval accreditation and to verify and confirm the information relating to Safeguarding issues provided to the RDO is accurate; and
  • To distribute literature, electronic communication and new developments concerning the Safeguarding of young people to the CB and clubs as appropriate.

Safeguarding Hotline: 0208 831 7479
Out of Hours: 07921 283 200



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