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Club Coach Coordinator Roles & Responsibilities

Working out coaching priorities is important for Club Coach Coordinators

Photo: RFU Archive

A club coach coordinator should:

  • Be the main point of contact at the club for the RFU Coaching Department
  • Be the contact at the club for all club coaches
  • Have a clear understanding of the RFU coaching structure and available courses
  • Actively promote all RFU coaching courses (Qualification, Foundation and CPD)
  • Consider the implementation of a Club Coaching Development Plan.
  • Identify club coaching needs and liaise with CB Coaching Committees, Community Rugby Coaches and Club Coach Developer for the delivery of specific foundation courses and CPD courses at the club
  • Identify personnel for Coach Developer Training
  • Assist the game in gathering information and reporting on playing development projects

Club Coach Coordinator Training

Club Coach Coordinators are expected to attend one meeting per year, which will cover:

  • Understanding of role and responsibilities
  • Knowledge of courses and procedures
  • Understanding of the importance of coach development
  • How to create a club coaching development plan
  • How to identify specialist coaches and benefits for the club
  • How to identify a Coach Developer and benefits for the club

There is also a quarterly newsletter dedicated to CCCs, previous issues of which can be viewed below.


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