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Complying with RFU Artificial Grass Pitch Standards

A coach instructs a mixed group of rugby players

Photo: RFU Archive

All artificial grass pitches are required to be tested within three months following completion to confirm that they have been installed to meet IRB Regulation 22 standards.

This field testing is carried out by independent test laboratories on behalf of the club/operator. The club/operator is then required to provide the RFU with a copy of the report in order to gain permission for the use of the artificial grass pitch for the next two years. The report form to use is the RFU Artificial Grass Pitch Report Template (PDF 90kB).

RFU permission requires the club/operator to:

  • Follow the regulations detailed in the RFU Handbook for the use of artificial surfaces
  • Monitor and log injuries sustained by players participating on the pitch in line with the normal injury reporting procedures set out by the RFU
  • Ensure that an appropriate maintenance programme using appropriate maintenance machinery is undertaken and logged in accordance with a maintenance programme issued by the installer. This should be requested from the contracted installer if not made available

The club/operator will then be required to test the artificial grass pitch before the end of the two-year period to provide evidence that the pitch continues to meet the standards.

An up-to-date list of all IRB Regulation 22 compliant full-size artificial grass pitches in England is available here (PDF 80kB).


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