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Club Medical Officer

Clubs, mainly those at the upper levels of the game who have the resources, and particularly those who have salaried players, may determine that their needs are best met by engaging the services of a registered medical practitioner as their club medical officer. Clubs should only engage such an individual in this role if they fulfil the following criteria:

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  • Hold full registration with the General Medical Council
  • Have appropriate training and experience for the role
  • Hold indemnity insurance which covers the role. If the individual is appropriately trained and experienced, and is working below the elite sport level, this is usually provided at no extra cost to the individual as part of their normal indemnity cover
  • Criminal Records Bureau check
  • Has an annual medical appraisal which includes this role

The club medical officer may take on any or all of the following responsibilities and to avoid confusion, these should be agreed in writing:

  • Undertake a risk assessment to determine the appropriate level of first aid provision and other medical support provision within the club
  • Ensure that first aid and health care providers are trained and undertake recertification in accordance with their qualification
  • Ensure that the procedures for the recording and reporting of incidents are followed
  • Ensure that suitable first aid facilities and equipment are available and maintained
  • Ensure that there is adequate cover to allow for absences
  • Provide clinical services to players
  • Provide advice on the health and fitness of the club players
  • Provide advice on and monitor the rehabilitation of injured players
  • Provide advice on fitness to play to club management
  • Ensure that relevant legislation is complied with and best practice in all aspects of health care provided is followed
  • Provide a clinical governance lead within the club

Further information on medical proceedures for rugby clubs is available in the first aid section of the site.


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