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Go Play Rugby award 2007/08

Furness RFC (Cumbria)

Furness RFC really embraced the “Go Play Rugby” campaign; increasing its number of registered players from 22 last season to over 60 this season.

During the World Cup the clubhouse was full of players, ex-players, old and new friends, as well as families, watching the matches and enjoying the club’s hospitality; continuing to a certain degree on Saturdays this season. The club officials have shown tremendous enthusiasm and attended all the County workshops, using all the promotional material in Barrow judiciously and effectively.

As a result of the campaign and their efforts, the club has started a ladies’ team with around twenty players largely motivated by advertising the club under the Go Play Rugby project. In addition, the club has been approached by the Youth section of a local Barrow amateur rugby league club, who has asked whether it can use the club’s facilities to train and play; the league club had been alerted to the opportunity by Furness’ recruitment activities. Furness hopes that in the next two seasons, it will be able to raise Youth teams at U16/19 level playing rugby union.

As a result of their Go Play Rugby campaign, Furness now has 150 active players, compared with last season when they only had 22 players.


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