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Look no further than the clubhouse

Children of all ages in action at a community fun day

Photo: RFU Archive

Before looking externally, you should consider looking at individuals who already have a strong attachment to the club, some rugby knowledge and are likely to be keen.

Three types of people who fit these criteria could be players, spectators and parents.  Remember; raise awareness about what opportunities there are.  A club may look like it is running smoothly from the outside, meaning prospective volunteers think their skills are not needed.

  • Current Senior Players – many players are keen to get involved with coaching the junior section or hold voluntary committee posts
  • Spectators – at clubs below national league level spectators can watch without paying an entrance fee.  Therefore they may be happy to assist with various match day duties
  • Parents – many parents attend training and matches to support their children and it's a natural progression to become involved in the team.  Assistance with coaching, officiating, driving or catering are a number of productive ways to get involved.  Many clubs canvas parents’ professions and skills to see how they could help.

There are many people who can be recruited from the comfort of the rugby club bar.  Awareness is central and while word of mouth is important, there are various means of publicity you can use internally too.


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