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Letting People Know About Rugby Volunteering

Lawrence Dallaglio keeping up to date while at the World Cup in 2007

Photo: RFU Archive

Publicity is vitally important in the recruitment of volunteers as keen individuals might not be aware of the opportunities or the channels available for them to get involved in local rugby.

Promoting your club in the local community can help reach people new to the area, those unaware of the club and its opportunities, or people whose interest in the game has lapsed.

There are numerous ways to attract attention to your club, some obvious, and others more creative. Sometimes the less obvious methods can prove the most effective.

RFU backed national campaigns, such as PlayOn and vRugby, or individual Constituent Body recruitment drives, can provide funding for essential promotion means. Get in touch with your local Rugby Development Officer or CB officials for ideas or support.

  • Local newspaper advertisements and match reports
  • Club website
  • Posters and flyers in local shops, pubs and restaurants
  • 'Come and Try' club sessions
  • Supporters’ clothing
  • Active recruitment through club members in local town centres
  • Sponsorship through local businesses