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Energetic and Enthusiastic Young Volunteers

Young volunteers can bring a wealth of volunteering skills, including enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to give a community rugby club new impetus.  Also, through various school and youth award schemes, they can be easy to recruit into the club, potentially starting a lifelong involvement.

A young rugby coach takes some youngsters through a stretching exercise

Photo: RFU Archive

The vRugby scheme is specifically looking to get 16-25 year-olds involved in rugby volunteering, and is a good start point for ideas.

Also, the RFU, in conjunction with the Rugby Football Foundation and Sport England, has drafted a Young Volunteer Recruitment Leaflet (PDF 705kB) to signpost young volunteers to relevant opportunties and explain how to get involved, and Step 5 - A Guide For Rugby Clubs Looking to Engage Young People As Volunteers (PDF 1.8MB) to offer advice, guidance and tips for tapping into this resource.

The benefits of young volunteers at your rugby club include:

  • Young people have lots of energy and enthusiasm
  • They have different skills, such as media assistance, IT and web design
  • They may bring inspiration and new, fresh ideas
  • They will be able to represent and relate to other young people in the club
  • They can provide a bridge between younger and older members
  • They can ensure the sustainability of your club
  • They could attract other young people into the club

There will be school and FE college students undertaking leadership and volunteering courses/awards - both as school and extra-curricular activities - who need an outlet for volunteering.  Their help could range from coaching to web design or from refereeing to festival organisation. 

Your local Regional Development Officer will be able offer suggestions of how to progress this and also put you in contact with your local Partnership Development Officer, helping you create a link to school and college students.