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Clinical Governance

Clinical Governance (CG) is largely a new name for concepts and practices already in use by both organisations and individuals. It is a system for improving patient care through commitment to high standards. CG is the responsibility of both organisations (e.g. clubs) and individuals (e.g. players and coaches).

Organisations, clubs and individuals that implement such a process will not only improve the quality of the care they provide but also limit the potential for litigation.  Clubs provide healthcare to their players through a variety of people; from volunteer first aiders at all clubs, to those that have employed physiotherapists and doctors.

They therefore need to ensure that the quality of this support is of a high standard and that they are managing the risks associated with it, for example that the personnel who deliver care are trained (including refresher training), and that the first aid facilities are appropriate. 

Most clubs will not be in a position to put into practice everything at once and a planned implementation over a reasonable timescale is most likely.

This may seem daunting to those who have not encountered it before but the practices are no different from those already followed for quality assurance and risk management to achieve Seal of Approval status.

Contact us for further advice on putting CG frameworks in place.