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Injury Surveillance - Get Involved

The RFU is working with Bath University to research the types of injuries that occur in community rugby matches. We are looking for clubs competing within playing levels 3-9 to volunteer to help with this project by recording injury data. 

If you wish to take part, we will arrange to visit a representative from your club to fully explain the requirements. These will involve collecting brief details on the medical pitch attendances to players during 1st XV matches, and any injuries that stopped the injured player from participating during the next week.  

Club benefits

Clubs that take part will receive a full report of their match injuries for the season, including how their club's injury patterns compare with other clubs. The information provided by this project is essential in developing future injury management strategies. It makes an invaluable contribution to our understanding of injury patterns within English community rugby. 

If you would like your club to participate, or require more information, please contact: Dr Simon Roberts at Bath University.

Additional information can be found on the project website: