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Certificates & Evidence Of Insurance

The standard letters attached below can be issued to anyone who requires confirmation that we have suitable insurance in place. It is to our advantage to issue these at the lowest limit(s) acceptable to the third party. You do not need to obtain permission to issue these letters:

To Whom It May Concern Letter - Clubs Public Liability (PDF 101kB)

To Whom It May Concern Letter - Directors & Officers Liability (72kB)

To Whom It May Concern Letter - Referees & Coaches Liability (PDF 96kB)

To Whom It May Concern Letter - Clubs Employers Liability (PDF 101kB)

Certificate of Employers Liability (PDF 81kB)

If you are asked to confirm cover at higher limits or cannot find a suitable To Whom letter here please contact Marsh as detailed below.

For all club enquiries excluding Tours and Property: 

Telephone: 0173 287 7647

For Tours:

Telephone: 08442 090413


The certificates are for information purposes only and do not constitute legal documents. The information held on this page is correct at date of production.


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