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The School Games

School Games Logo

Photo: School Games Logo

The School Games launches in September 2011 with a new network of School Games Organisers (SGO) taking up their posts at the same time.

The RFU works in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust to provide tools and guidance that gives schools, the rugby workforce and SGOs support to run competitions that dovetail within this new framework. The RFU is committed to the School Games and the exciting chance it brings for children in schools across the country to play all forms of rugby union to their “personal best”.

For more about the background and levels to the School Games click here

SGOs Guide

The new SGOs are an important part of the field force for rugby union in schools. The RFU has put together a simple SGO Guide outlining the framework of competitions and where the priorities are. Essentially it also includes steps for SGOs to get in touch and work with the rugby network so they can support each other to offer more and sustainable rugby union competitive opportunities for schools.

The SGOs Guide produced with the Youth Sport Trust is downloadable here.

Rugby Union and the School Games

Rugby union’s Tag 2 Twickenham competition is a great fit for the School Games at all three school-based levels:

  • Level 1 is a great opportunity for schools to play inter-class or house Tag Rugby either before, during or after school or simply to mix everyone up for a fun game at beak or lunchtime
  • Level 2 is all about children representing their school and having the chance to test their skills against players of similar standard. Inter school rugby is where the values of teamwork, respect, discipline and sportsmanship really start to affect the lives of children
  • Level 3 involves the county festivals as well as stepping stones to regional and national Tag 2 Twickenham competition
  • Level 4 is where the elite performance side of the School Games kicks in. In rugby union this is aimed at the under 18 age group.

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