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Girls & Activity

Rugby Union can provide an outlet for girls of all ages, sizes and abilities. Drop-off in sports participation for girls increases alarmingly in the teenage years. It is believed that the more fun and engaging sporting activity they experience before they go to secondary school, the more likely they are to keep playing.

Over 46% of the participants in the RFU’s primary school Tag 2 Twickenham competition are girls. It’s a great way to get girls physically active in your school and potentially for life. Rugby union now provides a specific Year 7 and 8 programme to continue their participation into secondary schools.

Rochelle Smith

Photo: RFU Archive

Role Models

As women’s rugby continues to grow, more girls are taking up the sport particularly in the schools game. This is because there are some excellent role models among the top women’s players. It is not a fully professional sport and among the current England squad, there are vets, police officers, teachers, office managers, students and sports development officers.

Click on the following link to find out more about the England Women’s squad and the current players.

Women’s Rugby

There is a wealth of information aimed at girls of all ages and abilities taking part in healthy activity through rugby. This includes posters and videos that promote the benefits of rugby union for girls. Check out the womens rugby pages.


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