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Tag Rugby

The primary schools game of choice is Tag rugby, which is a fast, fun and safe way of providing rugby union for all, regardless of gender, age or ability. Tag is non-contact; players wear a belt with Velcro ribbons on which the opponent simply needs to remove to make a “tackle”. This encourages running, passing, catching, evasion and co-ordination skills to be used and means bigger children don’t have the advantage they might in contact rugby.

Yazoo Tag Belts

Photo: RFU Archive

Tag rugby gives schools a great way to engage children in a fun and flexible team sport. RFU support tools and training resources are also mapped to the national curriculum and directly deliver the primary invasion games outcomes.

Lunchtime or after-school clubs where boys and girls can play the game together in a non-threatening environment will help engage them more in physical activity. The simplicity of Tag also gives teachers a great way to empower children to do leader practices and manage games themselves.

It’s a great inter-school game with one of the biggest primary school competition pathways around. Over 35,000 children played in the Tag 2 Twickenham competition in 2010/11 from local to national level. Tag rugby also gives clusters of schools a great partnership forming vehicle.

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