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Key Stage 2 Playground Leaders Award

KS2 Playground Leaders Award

Photo: RFU Archive

The Rugby Union KS2 Playground Leaders pack is designed to be delivered by school staff to their pupils. These pupils then act as touch rugby playground leaders.

Positive play during breaks and lunchtimes combines physical activity with the development of emotional health and wellbeing.

It has shown a reduction in anti-social behaviour between pupils in the playground and has had a positive impact on pupils' readiness to learn when they return to the class.

This type of positive play develops children who are more competent at cooperating and resolving issues independently. Children report that they enjoy and feel safer during playtime.

Having older pupils lead this positive play encourages the children to resolve issues in a calm and sensible manner. It has the added benefit of significantly developing the personal and social skills of those doing the leading.

We encourage you to deliver this Rugby Union Playground Leaders training in a manner that best fits your school. Examples of how some schools have done it are:

  • Training run at lunchtimes/after school sessions for pupils who volunteer as leaders
  • Run as a series of lessons to the whole of Year 6 – pupils then take it in “shifts” to act as the playground leaders
  • Year 6 pupils trained as leaders involved in the training of Year 5 pupils in the summer term to provide continuity

Sign up here to download the free Award resource pack. It includes a booklet outlining the resources and outcomes, pupil certificates and stickers, deliverers' notes, PowerPoint support slides and task cards.


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