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It is increasingly important for schools of all kinds to link up with local partners. The RFU understand the implications of the new agenda for state schools and how school management teams will be looking to work differently with partner agencies and their local community.

Many of the rugby union resources for whole school improvement create benefits for the wider community.

School Clusters

Many schools of various levels and abilities work together to provide rugby for their children. Festivals, joint teacher training events and club linked activities are good examples of where strong school partnerships are enhanced through rugby union. The game and the tools, resources and training provided by the RFU could also form a great catalyst to schools kicking off cluster work across their academic and staff development programmes.

School to School Support

Mirroring the previous concept of schools sports partnerships and specialist sports colleges, many schools with strong established rugby programmes support other local and county schools. The new teacher release posts in secondary schools will maintain this principle and are targeted specifically at supporting sport in primary schools. The RFU toolkit of resources and training makes it easy for schools to provide this welcome support.

Young Leader

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Student Volunteers

There are a number of organisations providing support for volunteering by young people. The club rugby network as well as your secondary school cluster will have RFU-trained student leaders who can be deployed into your primary school to help facilitate rugby initiatives.


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