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Teacher Training and Development

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The RFU offer opportunities for teachers and others of all levels of experience to develop their rugby union and sporting delivery knowledge and skills. The personal and skill development of staff is an important piece of the school improvement agenda and rugby union can support this.

A teacher specific programme is a key part and our network of expert trainers is supported nationally. Your RFU Rugby Development Officer can tell you more about local opportunities.

As the first organised contact point between children and rugby, primary schools are vital in the development of the game. It is these sessions in which the children will learn both the gross and fine motor skills required for rugby. School support staff are therefore strongly encouraged to access the excellent RFU Tag Rugby for teachers course. After all, Jonny Wilkinson was scouted by his school coach Steve Bates, so it could be you unearthing an international superstar of the future.

Courses & Awards

Coach Pathways; Referee Pathways



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