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PE Lesson Plans

The Rugby Football Union is pleased to introduced the new Rugby Curriculum for Primary Schools Resource, developed to deliver the outcomes and key concepts to meet the National Curriculum for Physical Education.  

This Key Stage 2 resource is based on a game-centred approach where children are introduced to the game and developed it using game play and specific skill-based activities.

The resource below consists of an innovative programme of six games and four activities both of which are progressive and interchangeable to meet the needs and abilities of the learner. It is structured to enable the teacher/coach to use the suggested games to inform assessment of the children's needs by observing play to identify areas for development. Download the introduction and rtionale for information on how to use the games and activities. (PDF 500KB)

To further develop your own coaching or refereeing skills, see details of RFU courses and programmes along with further resources available in the coaching and refereeing pages of

PE KS2 ResourceDownloads

Game One

End Ball - Instruction page and support diagram

Game 1 (PDF 2MB)

Game Two

Any Directional Tag - Instruction page and support diagram

Game 2 (PDF 2MB)

Game Three

Breakout Tag - Instruction page and support diagram

Game 3 (PDF 2MB)

Game Four

Numbers Tag - Instruction page and support diagram

Game 4 (PDF 2MB)

Game Five

Tag - Instruction page and support diagram

Game 5 (PDF 2MB)

Game Six

Bonus Tag - Instruction page and support diagram

Game 6 (PDF 1.7MB)

Activity One

Team Tag - Instruction & diagram page

Activity 1 (PDF 2MB)

Activity Two

Ball Manipulation - Instruction & diagram page

Activity 2 (PDF 1MB)

Activity Three

Keep Ball - Instruction & diagram page

Activity 3 (PDF 1MB)

Activity Four

Eggs In The Nest - Instruction & diagram page

Activity 4 (PDF 1.5MB)

All Games

All of the games instruction pages and diagrams

All Games (PDF 8.5MB)

All Activites

All of the activities instruction pages and diagrams

All Activities (PDF 2.4MB)

Support documents

Rules of Tag

Rules of Tag (PDF 430KB)


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