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Supporting Rugby Union in Secondary Schools

The landscape for all schools has changed drastically. The RFU recognises this and has developed resources to help School Management Teams achieve the best for their students; to drive whole school improvement and hit attainment targets.

Rugby union is more than a sport and offers a menu of eight areas of support for schools. is your destination for tools, resources, training and advice on applying rugby union across your school day and beyond.

For secondary schools, rugby union:

  • Provides a unique variety of development opportunities for teachers and young people
  • Can help to improve attendance, achievement levels and behaviour in schools
  • Is for all students, regardless of age or ability, both at school and in their home life
  • Provides tools, resources, people and training to make their job easier
  • Can assist school improvement plans, deliver learning and show effectiveness to Ofsted
  • Has strong core values instilling positive qualities in the lives of young people
  • Has developed FREE online tools and resources

RFU resources are continually expanded and developed.  All ideas from teachers are gratefully received on


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