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Inclusive Activity for all

team huddle

Photo: RFU Archive

Schools want to engage all groups of students in their learning, school life and healthy activity.  Rugby union gives support to help a school do this through an attractive and engaging game which young people want to be part of even if they don’t fancy playing it.

As a physical activity, rugby is a game for all shapes and sizes, levels and abilities, genders, backgrounds and socio economic groups with important values for even the most disengaged students.

The RFU is committed to making schools rugby a place for high quality start points on young people’s life journey and creating more opportunities, for more young people, in more places, more often.

This section includes information and tools that help to engage students and specifically some groups that schools traditionally find it hard to reach.

  • Young people – taking part and engaging them
  • Touch rugby – non-contact, fun and informal form of the game
  • Health, mental & physical wellbeing
  • Girls – taking part in physical activity
  • Key Stage 4 – engaging them in school and physical activity
  • After school and clubs – encouraging students to continue their involvement

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