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Key Stage 4 Engagement

Schools work hard to encourage students at Key Stage 4 and above to stay active.  This becomes an ever increasing challenge as their lifestyles and academic needs sharpen in focus in their last years at school.

Rugby union provides an opportunity for schools to meet this challenge as it is a game for all and the RFU has specific focus and support through its field force for young people aged 16 years and over.

Rugby Journey

The Rugby Journey

Sports participation for this age group decreases and rugby is no different.  However the Rugby Journey seeks to link together the places where the game is played especially in the 16 to 24 educational phase.  The rugby network helps schools to link not only to their local clubs but also to colleges and universities in order to keep young people on that journey of healthy fun activity.

The rugby Pathfinder scheme has had great success in retaining players of all standards in the game.  It is being revisited to ensure it remains effective.

The new Touch Rugby programme is available in schools specifically aimed at Year 11 and above giving them a fun and informal alternative to the traditional game.

The National Youth Council and Young Leaders’ programmes also provide students with the chance to continue their non-playing Rugby Journey as they move through their sixth form, further and/or higher education phase.


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