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Leadership and Volunteering

School leadership programme

Photo: RFU Archive

The RFU provides a strategy and pathway to recruit, train, deploy and recognise young rugby leaders within school leadership programmes. It is aligned to examination courses and volunteering programmes such as Sports Leaders UK.

In addition to providing rewards and qualifications for young people, leadership activities have shown significant impact in developing the personal and social skills of those doing the leading. For many students it is their first experience of responsibility; the first time they have been listened to, the first time they have gained an idea of their own worth, personal skills and potential. For some it can often be the first time they have experienced success in PE.

Using rugby union as a vehicle for developing a young person’s "personal and social" skills can have a dramatic impact on all aspects of their life and has real whole-school impact. Young people with enhanced personal and social skills are likely to be better performers and have a greater quality of rugby experience. They will also be better able to work with their peers, respect rules and each other and have greater self-esteem.

The RFU Key Stage 3 and 4 leadership programmes will develop students’ ability to organise activity, coach and officiate through rugby union. Students will be taught the skills needed to organise and lead high quality rugby activities for their peers and younger pupils. These awards have been created by teachers for teachers, and are designed to enhance the delivery of high quality physical education.

Once trained, rugby leaders will be encouraged to get involved in local and national coaching, officiating and volunteering programmes, where possible in liaison with your local Rugby Football Union development staff.


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