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Specialised Leaders

The RFU Rugby Leaders Foundation and Level 2 Award in Leadership through Rugby Union courses give an excellent grounding in the sport.  Many young people will then request from their school the chance to specialise in a particular element of the game.  There are specific courses available from the RFU to achieve this.  On completing a specialist course the young person can greatly enhance your school rugby workforce.


The RFU Young Officials Award is a one day course, 50% of which is practical activity, aimed at young people aged 14-19.  It equips aspiring referees with many of the skills required to effectively referee rugby union.  Young people completing the course are expected to then complete a minimum of 10 hours officiating.  The course is administered by a Young Officials Development Officer (YODO), who is a young person working with the RFU on a volunteer basis. 

The Entry Level Referee Award (ELRA) is a more detailed course, but which can also be taken at 14. The ELRA is generally delivered over 2 days, although it can be delivered over four sessions (perhaps evenings).  50% of the course involves practical activity.  Significant emphasis is placed on player safety and, in addition to covering many of the technical elements of the game (e.g. scrum and line-out).  Focus is given to ‘refereeing what matters’. 


Tag Rugby Award can be taken at 16. The Start Coaching Tag Rugby course lasts for approximately three hours and is practical-based. There is no formal assessment, and the course is delivered by an accredited coach educator.

Rugby Ready is a player safety course and can be taken at 14. The IRB Rugby Ready programme intends to raise awareness of good and safe practice for those involved in coaching, refereeing and playing rugby. The course lasts for three hours and is practical-based. There is no formal assessment and the course is delivered by an accredited RFU coach educator.

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Administrators & Organisers

Rugby Leaders Foundation Course introduces the game and develops leadership skills for practical application within local communities. To complete the course rugby leaders should have organised, delivered and reviewed a rugby activity in a community setting.

Club Volunteer Co-ordinator

There are various training modules for Club Volunteer Co-ordinators (CVC’s ) on recruitment, retention and recognition. Much of the content directly transfers to young people and the school environment.  It also encourages students to be community minded and spread the ethos of the school into clubs.  For more information contact your local RFU Volunteer Executive.


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