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Why make a club link

Introducing young people to the values of rugby union will provide a mindset that will stretch beyond participation in the sport. Much of the behaviour and attitudes that have defined rugby union are highly regarded both within and outside the sport. Regardless of any adverse changes in society, the RFU works hard to protect and promote the game’s fundamental elements for the next generation. These are: Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, Sportsmanship.

What your school or SSP gets from the link

With an effective link you can benefit in the following ways:

  • The opportunity to build on and enhance the existing physical education and sports programme outside the curriculum. Club links strongly support the Government’s national PE and Sport Strategy for Young People (PESSYP). This strategy, which the RFU backs, aims to provide all five to 16 year olds with five hours of PE and sport every week
  • Gaining more developed pupils, whether it is through playingcoaching or volunteering. Using the opportunity a club link affords for your young people to work alongside coaches and other trained club officers
  • Enthusiastic pupils developing leadership skills, drive and commitment leading onto a pathway of formal awards
  • A chance to improve the rugby union expertise of coaches and teachers, and develop coaching skills in your school
  • The school and SSP engaging with the wider community and developing pathways sustainable beyond curriculum hours. Supported and organised competition within and/or between schools teams at your pitches or club pitches
  • Publicity and promotion of rugby union within the school, the club and externally, increasing awareness of the school activity and programmes available
  • Sharing facilities or equipment. Harnessing the social aspect of rugby for pupils and staff to interact with the wider community
  • Involvement in PE at school leaves a legacy of active and engaged individuals involved in sport for life

What your pupils get from the link

With an effective link they will benefit in the following ways:

  • Enjoyment and regular participation in an activity. Pupils showing enthusiasm by getting involved in PE and Sport outside the curriculum, making a positive connection between what they learn in education and what they learn in the club while having fun and working hard
  • A desire to achieve. Pupils thinking about what they could become and be inspired to achieve in sport. Having clear and realistic goals to measure their progress and understanding how their educational establishment can help them achieve these goals
  • Make progress and fulfill their potential. Taking greater initiative for fulfilling their potential and using the values rugby union promotes to become skilful and confident. Continually improving their performance while understanding the important contribution of others around them
  • A balanced, healthy lifestyle. Understanding that by balancing their involvement, planning their training and performance commitments, rugby union can provide pupils with a way of feeling good about themselves
  • A strong sense of belonging in school. Having confidence and being recognised for who they are and what they achieve in both school and the club, while also being interested in and supportive of others