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Parents and Adults

There are RFU tools and resources to help schools involve parents and adults in their school programmes.

Core Values & Code of Conduct

Photo: RFU Archive

Much of the behavior and attitudes that have defined rugby union are highly regarded both within and outside the sport. Regardless of any adverse changes in society, the RFU works hard to protect and promote the game’s fundamental elements for the next generation. These are: Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, Sportsmanship.

Introducing young people to the values of rugby union will provide a mindset that will stretch beyond participation in the sport. Helping parents to understand the benefits of the values will provide a shared mindset between parent and child. The RFU has developed a specific presentation for parents of players that outlines the ethos behind these values and a rugby code of conduct that supports these.


The RFU has long been at the forefront in ensuring that the rugby environment is a safe one for the young and the vulnerable. The Union’s new and updated Safeguarding Young People and Vulnerable Adults within Rugby Union Policy & Guidance document is available for all levels of rugby union in England. Download the safeguarding PDF on under Safeguarding Children.

The RFUs national safeguarding team of welfare staff and valued volunteers are dedicated to the ongoing protection of children in the sport. RUSafe is the RFU Safeguarding Network Website provides a one stop shop for all safeguarding needs including up to date policies, guidance and information. The RFU Safeguarding Team are available for support and advice for all safeguarding situations.

Parent Guide

Photo: RFU Archive

Parents or supportive adults will want their son/daughter to be involved in rugby union in a safe enjoyable environment where there are opportunities to learn and develop rugby skills and also have ‘fun’.  Many schools have great parent groups that bring really constructive involvement for their rugby programmes.

The RFU have a parent guide which helps to instil some of the key considerations for them.  It suggests questions a parent might ask when choosing a club for their child and provides a good basis for schools to think about how they develop their own rugby parent liaison.

Community Rugby Coaches

The Community Rugby Coach (CRC) is the local face of rugby union. These are RFU qualified and CRB checked coaches, trained in LTAD, Multiskills and the national curriculum to deliver high-quality coaching in partnership with clubs, schools, colleges and universities.   To find out more about the CRC network in your area contact your local RFU Rugby Development Officer.


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