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Teacher Assistance

The "Rugby Journey" provides people with opportunities to try a different role or place to play as they move through their life in the game.  There is something for everyone and many adults and young people are on hand through the rugby network to support schools rugby programmes.

Each week huge numbers volunteer in rugby clubs and the RFU has a great programme of training, resources and recognition for these most valuable people to the sport.  In addition there are people volunteering to run, support, grow and sustain the game in our counties or constituent bodies as well.  For schools, each county has a County Schools Union which is supported nationally by the England Rugby Football Schools Union (ERFSU).                                                          

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So schools are by no means on their own.  Many already link with local clubs, encourage parents and engage their teaching assistants to expand the number of adults on hand to provide the best rugby experience for students in their school.

There are a host of resources on to help schools introduce and support this extra pool of people into their school rugby support team.  Your local RFU Rugby Development Officer can tell you more.  

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