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PE Lesson Plans

A rugby coach putting a children's team through training

Photo: RFU Archive

The teaching resources contained on these pages will give you all the information and support you need to develop your understanding of rugby and provide safe, fun and exciting sessions for your pupils. For further information on how and why this scheme of work has been developed, download the scheme's introduction and rationale (PDF 569kB).

Provided within this section is an engaging ten-week programme of progressive lesson plans for year seven. Similar resources for years eight and nine will follow in the coming months.

The scheme of work provides you with the following:

  • Distinct activities/games that cater for pupils of differing rugby experience
  • Lesson plans that have been developed to deliver the Outcomes and Key Concepts to meet the National Curriculum for Physical Education
  • An enjoyable game-centred approach to coaching rugby union
  • Lesson plans that maximize the amount of time spent playing
  • Simultaneous working groups for both contact rugby and Tag or Touch are set up with a ‘technical’ area in-between (diagrams provided)
  • A pitch plan provides a suggested layout for the lessons that enables the teacher to select pupils from the games and coach specific skills or game understanding. Once this skill has been developed, the players are re-introduced back into the game for an opportunity to demonstrate they have learnt the skill sufficiently to be produced under pressure
  • downloadable pitch plan suggesting a layout for the lessons (PDF 1MB)

How these lesson plans benefit pupils:

  • This curriculum will help each pupil develop personally and socially
  • They will work as individuals, in groups and in teams, developing rugby’s core vaules which include the ethos of personal and social responsibility
  • They allow pupils to take on different roles and responsibilities, including leadership, coaching and officiating
  • Through the range of experiences that rugby can offer, pupils will learn how to be effective in competitive, creative and challenging situations
  • Designed to help develop each pupil’s competence, confidence, performance, character, creativity, health and active lifestyle
  • This encourages each individual to take part in a range of physical activities that become a central part of their lives, both in and out of the school environment