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Year 9 Lesson Plans

The ten-week programme of the year 9 rugby curriculum progresses from year 8 with the introduction of the tactical and technical implications of the basic set pieces; 3 player scrum, 2 player lineout and the kick off. Pupils also continue to develop their playing, coaching and refereeing skills with the programme culminating in a tag tournament organised by the pupils themselves.

For information on how to use the lesson plans download the scheme's introduction and rationale (PDF 569kB) and the downloadable pitch plan suggesting a layout for the lessons (PDF 1MB)

To further develop your own rugby knowledge and coaching or refereeing skills, see details of RFU coaching courses and programmes. There are also further coaching resources available in thecoaching pages of

Year 9 Lesson Plans
LessonLesson Content (Each lesson plan contains elements for both the tag rugby and the contact rugby groups)Downloads
One Assessment of what the pupils have learnt in years 7 and 8.

Lesson one (PDF 1.7MB)
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Two Introduction to an uncontestable 3 - player scrum in order to develop some tactical appreciation.

Lesson two (PDF 1.4MB)
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Three The introduction of decoy runners and how to change (switch) the direction of play.

Lesson three (PDF 1.7MB)
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Four The introduction of a 2-player lineout, one player throwing the ball in and the other as the reciever.

Lesson four (PDF 1.6MB)
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Five Introduction to 'set piece' (from scrum and lineout) attacking options.

Lesson five (PDF 1.9MB)
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Six Introduction to the kick off. Developing a technical skill of a drop kickand the tactical use of 'hang time' and 'chasers' in order to win the ball at the kick off.

Lesson six (PDF 1.9MB)
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Seven Pupils coach their peers in basic skills to help develop their coaching process skills.

Lesson seven (PDF 2.2MB)
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Eight Pupils to coach theri peers in basic skills to help develop their coaching process skills.

Lesson eight (PDF 1.5MB)
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Nine & Ten

Both the tag group and the rugby group combine and select teams of 4 to play in a 'TAG' tournament.
Pupils to referee the games during the tournament.


Lesson nine (PDF 1.7MB)
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All Lessons Lessons one to ten in one PDF. Lessons 1-10
(PDF 3.53MB)
Assessment The Assessment sheets provide the National Curriculum criteria for invasion games as well as additional rugby assessment criteria to assist in gauging pupil development.

Assessment sheet - tag (PDF 41kB)

Assessment sheet - contact (PDF 40kB)


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