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Student Coaching Resource

Coaches discuss tactics at Portsmouth University

Photo: RFU Archive

The RFU has produced an informal Student Player-Coach CD-Rom to help students become assistants to qualified coaches in their university club side. 

This resource will enable an unqualified individual to plan, prepare and deliver non-contact coaching, such as games, skill drills and fitness sessions.  With little experience, the university player-coach can become a useful coaching tool. 

Please remember that the Student Player-Coach CD-Rom:

  • DOES NOT qualify the user to coach competitive contact rugby
  • DOES NOT qualify the user to coach tackle, ruck or maul skills
  • DOES NOT qualify the user to coach the scrum or lineout

Contact rugby coaching sessions should always be run by a qualified coach.  There is a comprehensive range of rugby union coaching courses run by the RFU.

To help find suitably qualified coaches for your university club sessions, contact your local Rugby Development Officer (RDO), Rugby Union Student Liaison Officer (RUSLO), or Coaching Development Officer (CDO).

To request a copy of the Student Player-Coach CD-Rom or for more information, please contact the RFU.


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