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Learning, Volunteering and Employability

University women's rugby players shake hands with the match referee

Photo: RFU Archive

The RFU provides a strategy and pathway to recruit, train, deploy and recognise young rugby leaders.

The rugby union leadership programme will help universities achieve enrichment of individuals and engage students. As well as providing an enjoyable environment whilst at university they develop the students as individuals, growing their confidence and abilities.

The RFU Student Leadership Academy has been designed to give aspiring university rugby leaders a solid foundation for their development. The course gives learners knowledge of the roles, functions and responsibilities of leaders. All candidates are offered mentoring support to help them implement what they have learned back in their university rugby clubs.

The RFU Student Leadership Academy aims to raise awareness of the importance of leadership in university rugby by supporting and training the next generation of student rugby leaders.

The scheme identifies the next generation of student club leaders, helping them to develop their skills and confidence to become great leaders. The Academy offers participants coaching calls to facilitate the learning by providing support, sharing observations, providing feedback, raising awareness and helping the candidates to take more responsibility for solutions and actions, the programme covers the following modules:

  • Provide leadership and direction
  • Manage personal development
  • Creating a vision
  • Plan and allocate work of a team
  • Lead and manage meetings
  • Mentoring sessions

In addition to the volunteers benefiting their club and university, they will also be increasing their skill set and in turn increasing their employability potential. Studies carried out by BUCS show that graduates who have participated in sport and volunteering opportunities are more desirable as potential employees and will in fact earn more than graduates who did not participate in sport and volunteering whilst at university.

Other volunteer projects some of which, maybe within Twickenham or on a national basis, become available from time to time, include journalism, IT skills, sports medicine and many more of the RFU departments. To get more information or to simply express an interest, contact your local rugby development team. You might also like to volunteer within your local Constituent Body (CB) – try a search on Google (i.e. Sussex RFU), from there you will be able to see information on local rugby clubs and possibly even volunteering opportunities.

Please follow the below links if you are interested in any of the following:


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