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Development Planning and Funding

Players shake hands at the end of a game

Photo: Digital Sports UK Ltd

The Students Rugby Football Union (SRFU) and the Rugby Football Union (RFU) aim to support university rugby by assisting clubs in their development planning and providing incentive funding for delivering key activities.

The University Rugby Development Plan (URDP) (MS Excel 1.65MB) is a one-year action plan for the university rugby club to be submitted by November 1, which covers all rugby provision within the university. The plan receives the committed support of the key decision makers within the university therefore the plan needs to be agreed and signed off by the relevant contact within the students club, the university and the RFU staff.

These people should be contacted in the early stages of writing the plan to ensure it complies with the general plans for the geographical area. Only one plan should be submitted per club and it should include objectives for both men’s and women’s rugby, where applicable.

It is designed to be short and simple helping you to focus on a Plan, Do, Review process that will help your club.

The baseline data captured within this plan enables the university to work with RFU staff to identify areas for potential growth or development within the club as well as providing a clear health check of the universities rugby club.

Part of the aim of the URDP is to encourage students to become active in running the university rugby club and help in the handover process. The RFU has produced a list of suggested role descriptions (PDF 212kB) that will assist the club with allocations of duties and responsibilities.


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