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Freshers Week

Lincoln rugby players

Photo: RFU Archive

Freshers weeks are the perfect opportunity to recruit new players, although it is important to bear in mind that you represent your club all year around and can recruit new players pre and post freshers. RFU staff (PDF 184kB) are on hand to offer support in the planning and implementation of the clubs freshers activities as well as providing some resources to dress your freshers stalls.


  • Ensure information is up on website prior to freshers week
  • Book your freshers stall early and try and get the men’s and women’s stall next to each other so that you have a larger more visible stall with a larger catchment area
  • Contact your URDO to receive your universities freshers packs, which include resources to dress the stalls as well as giveaways to attract people
  • Arrange events around campus before and during freshers week e.g. touch rugby on the grass patch outside of the library or helping the freshers move into their halls while wearing your rugby kit

Your stand

  • You will receive a table top banner, posters and t-shirts within your freshers pack, use these and anything else you get your hands on to make your stall visible and inviting
  • Make sure that your stall is well manned by the team, alternating regularly and make sure that those team members not on the stall are out mingling with the freshers
  • Organise data gathering, so you get the details of everyone that you speak to during freshers week then if some of them don’t come to trials you can get in touch, maybe invite them out on a club social
  • Remember not everyone wants to play full contact for the 1st XV, so have a variety of rugby on offer. Make sure you advertise all rugby opportunities on the posters that are provided in the freshers packs
  • Be inclusive, rugby is for all shapes and sizes. Also remember there are lots of opportunities for people who want to be involved but not play. They could be a referee, a club officer or coach

Post freshers week

  • Advertise the trials/ social around the university and encourage potential players to bring a friend along
  • Involve new members in organising events
  • Identify new members for volunteering opportunities
  • Develop links with your local rugby club, exchange the use of students for their facilities or coaches

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