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Youth Player Registration

Clubs are now processing their youth player registrations online, which means club registrars can access and maintain their registration lists on a regular basis, thus ensuring that all player records are kept up-to-date.

The RFU has produced an Online Player Registration Guidance Note (PDF 1.7MB) to give you step-by-step instructions. Once you have your CRB reference number (take note of the new number) please contact the RugbyFirst support desk on 020 8831 6651, who can issue you with a user name and password. Details of this process are found on the first page of the guidance notes.  

It is necessary to download the current Youth Player Registration Form (PDF 124kB) to register young players as the RFU is no longer producing carbonated registration forms.

Transferring Players

Club registrars are now able to transfer players and this happens in the same way as the adult transfer process. If a player is already registered with a club the new club must submit a Notification of Transfer Form (PDF 52kB) to the player’s current club. When registering a player online this form is automatically generated and the new club must print this off and send it to the current club. At this stage the requirement to submit a notification of transfer is seen as a matter of courtesy rather than a regulation. If you are having problems with this facility then please contact the RugbyFirst support desk.

Once the player has been registered the club will be required to keep a copy of this transfer document, together with the other registration documents for a minimum of 12 months.

ID Cards

There is also a template for ID cards which can be printed directly from RugbyFirst. These have now replaced the ID cards originally supplied and we are recommending that clubs laminate these cards once produced.

Once a club has registered a player on RugbyFirst it is not necessary for them to be re-registered with the same club at a later date. He or she is only to be re-registered if he transfers to a new club (retaining his original RFU ID number throughout his playing career). We do however suggest you update his photographic ID at certain points, for example at 13 and 17.

If you require further help with this then please contact your CB who will put you in touch with your CB Youth Registrar.

U13 Girls Dispensation

  • For the 2014-15 season any female players aged 12 (U13) and registered as an U12 player on Rugby First for the 2013-14 season can apply for dispensation to play within the U15s age band by completing the application process through this link U13 Girls Dispensation
  • The Girls regulations are now incorporated into Regulation 15 of the handbook and the Girls-specific regulations can be found in Appendix 3 Girls Rugby (PDF 218kB) that covers U13s, U15s and U18s rugby  
  • Appendix 3 has been modified and updated to ensure a clear understanding of the laws of the game 

Keeley Fathers (RFU Competitions Department) is the main point of contact for all regulatory matters in the Women & Girls game and is available on and 07779 231970.