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Tour Checklist

Tours are a long standing tradition of rugby and the best tours are usually the result of good planning.  This simple checklist will help you get started…

Tour Planning

  • Appoint officials and agree terms of reference:

    • Tour Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Promotions Manager
    • Press Officer
    • Tour Party Manager
    • Tour Captain
    • Coach(es)
    • Doctor/Physio
    • Baggage master
  • Decide dates of meetings and establish deadlines for administrative arrangements
  • Obtain permission to tour from RFU via Constituent Body Secretary
  • Produce a tour brochure
  • Arrange promotional events


  • Collect data on prospective host Unions
  • Speak to prospective host Clubs
  • Agree with a tour operator:

    • Destination
    • Dates
    • Numbers in party
    • Mode of travel
    • Type of accommodation (hotel, motel, B&B, billets, etc)
    • Requirements for training and team rooms
  • Clarify and confirm tour agreement with hosts including financial arrangements and reserves policy
  • Find visa and inoculation requirements

Tour Itinerary

  • Plan games, training sessions and free time
  • Decide where, when & how to entertain your hosts


  • Personal
  • Holiday
  • Liability
  • Death & Disability
  • Accident
  • Loss of clothing & equipment

Kitting Out

  • Design tour motif
  • Issue of items of clothing - blazers, slacks, tracksuits, bags etc
  • Order medical kit
  • Assemble training equipment
  • Take club flag
  • Purchase spare studs (differing lengths), laces, labels etc.
  • Decide on appropriate gifts to exchange 

Personnel Administration

  • Establish availability suitable players
  • Select squad
  • Ensure sufficient reserves on standby.
  • Plan and agree pre-tour training including sufficient fitness testing
  • Produce a tour party roll with addresses, telephone numbers, emergency contacts
  • Produce addresses and phone numbers for tour locations
  • Complete next of kin forms
  • Write pen portraits
  • Establish and agree all duties required of officials, players and baggage master
  • Draw up a duty roster
  • Confirm press reporting procedures


  • Ensure valid passports and visas
  • Check import and immigration regulations
  • Arrange currency
  • Collect medical, dental forms and inoculation certificate

Assemble Prior To Departure

  • Complete final medical checks by doctor
  • Complete fitness test
  • Take tour photograph

On Tour

  • Maintain a tour dairy
  • Record expenses and keep accounts
  • Contact essential officials/embassies etc
  • Distribute gifts
  • Maintain good conduct and PR

Report Back

  • Reconcile accounts
  • Report to Club, RFU and sponsors
  • Send letters of thanks to host clubs

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