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England U19 Pen Portraits

18 March 2003

Name : Joe Bedford
Position : Scrum Half
Club : Sale Sharks
DOB : 16/02/84
Height : 1.78
Weight : 82
Born in Leeds. Attended Farnley Park High School and then Woodhouse Grove School for 6th Form College. Has three 'A' Levels and hobbies include cricket and golf. Represented Yorkshire U15 Clubs and captained England Schools 18 Group v France. First played at West Leeds RFC. Favourite CD is Californication and favourite film is Kevin + Perry Go Large. Enjoys chicken, pasta and wine gums. Ambition is to play for England and the British Lions.

Name : William Bowley
Position : Lock
Club : Worcester Warriors
DOB : 05/03/84
Height : 2.05
:  98.1
Attended Oundle Middle School from 1993-97 and then Prince William School, Oundle until 2002. Has three 'A' Levels and is now studying Business Management at University College, Worcester. First played rugby for Kettering RFC. Hobbies include playing pool and reading. Favourite band is Sting and the Police and favourite food is pizza. Played for England U18 (Clubs) in 2002. Ambition is to play premiership rugby and to play for England.

Name : Ross Broadfoot
Position : Fly Half
Club : London Irish & Whitgift School
DOB : 08/03/85
Height : 1.82
Weight 82
Born in Lewisham. Attends Whitgift School, Croydon and first played for Saracens. Represented England Schools at U16 (two seasons) and U18 in 2002. Hobbies include playing cricket and going to the cinema. Favourite film is Men of Honour. His ambition isto reach the highest level in rugby.

Name : Andrew Buist
Position : Lock/No.8
Club : Newcastle Falcons
DOB : 25/08/84
Height : 196
: 103.4
Born in Norwich. Attended Lord Wandsworth College and Duchess High School. Hobbies include reading and photography and playing cricket and tennis. He represented England Schools at U18 (Clubs) and is currently studying Sport at Newcastle University College. His favourite band is Blackstreet and favourite film is Any Given Sunday. Keen on chocolate and hopes to become a professional rugby player and play for England.

Name : Iyran Clunis
Position : Hooker
Club : London Irish
DOB : 28/08/84
Height : 182
: 84
Born in Bradford. Attended St Joseph's College, Ipswich. Currently studying at St Mary's College, University of Surrey. First played for Colchester RFC then Saracens. Enjoys athletics and cricket but main hobbies are weightlifting and socialising. Favourite band is Ja Rule and favourite food is chinese. Ambition is to play in the FIRA Tournament.

Name : Aston Croall
Position : L/H Prop
Club : Saracens
DOB : 10/07/84
Height : 181
: 105.2
Born on Isle of Sheppey. Attended Minster College and first played rugby for Sheppey RFC. Has caps for England U16, and U18 Schools and England U19 (FIRA 2002). Hobbies include playing golf, listening to music (TLC and Destiny's Child) and socialising. Favourite film is Windtalkers. Favourite dish is tuna covered in a thick creamy sauce. Ambition is to pay for England and ultimately the British Lions.

Name : Paul Diggin
Position :
Club : Northampton Saints
DOB : 23/01/85
Height : 1.70
: 76.8
Attends Northampton School for Boys where he holds the record for the 100m. First played for Northampton Boys Brigade Old Boys RFC. Played for England Schools at U16 and U18. Favourite band is Eminem and favourite film is Shawshank Redemption. Enjoys Chinese food. His ambition is to gain a contract with Northampton Saints and to gain more England caps.

Name : Thom Evans
Position : Fullback/Wing
Club : Wellington College
DOB : 02/04/85
Height : 1.84
: 77.5
Born in Harare, Zimbabwee. Attends Wellington College where he enjoys playing soccer, athletics and golf as well as playing for the 1st XV. Enjoys music and favourite band is N Sync. Favourite meal is steak and potatoes. His ambition is to play for England and the Lions and make the Ryder Cup team for Europe (Idol is Josh Harnett).

Name : James Greenwood
Position : Hooker
Club : London Irish
DOB : 30/01/84
Height : 1.79
: 82.0
Born in Salisbury. Attended Ringwood School. First played for Fordingbridge RFC then Saracens. Represented England U18 Clubs in 2002. Hobbies include working out and fishing. Favourite band is 'Survivor' and favourite food is grilled halibut in tomato sauce with pasta. Ambition is to play for England.

Name : Thomas Gregory
Position :Centre 
Club : Leicester Tigers
DOB : 14/01/85
Height : 1.76
: 86.6
Attends Oakham School where he is taking four & Oakham School 'A'Levels. First played for Fylde RFC and played for England U16 and England U18 Schools. Interests include soccer, going to the cinema and playing golf. Favourite film is Gangs of New York and favourite meal is Spaghetti Bolognese. Plans to go to University after a gap year and hopes to play for England U19 and U21and ultimately the England XV.

Name : Matthew Hampson
Position : Prop
Club : Leicester Tigers
DOB : 29/11/84
Height : 1.83
: 103
Attended Queen Elizabeth School, Leicester. First played for Syston RFC. Interests include shooting. Favourite band is Dr Die and favourite film is Shawshank Redemption. Represented England U18's in 2002. Ambition is to be a pro-rugby player with Leicester Tigers and to play for England and the British

Name : James Haskell
Position : No.8/Flanker/
Club :London Wasps
DOB : 02/04/85
Height : 193
: 103.2
Born in Windsor. Attends Wellington College where he Lock captains the 1st XV. Currently taking 'A' Levels in politics, English Literature, History and Classical Civilisations. Favourite CD is Wellington College Choir and favourite film The Italian Job. Best meal is oysters and guinness. Captained England Schools U18 (Jan.) XV. Ambition is to maximise his potential.

Name : Mark Hopley
Position : Flanker/No.8
Club : Worcester
DOB : 01/05/84
Height : 190.5
: 95.3
Born in Crewe. Attended Bishop Heber High School where he gained three 'A' Levels. Currently studying Business Management at University College Worcester. Started rugby at Whitchurch RFC (Manchester). Played for England U18 Clubs in 2002. Favourite film is "Happy Gilmore" and favourite food is pasta. Ambition is to play for England U19's.

Name : Rhodri McAtee
Position : Scrum Half
Club : Worcester Warriors
DOB : 02/08/84
Height : 172
:   75
Attended Forest School from 1995 to 2002 where he captained the school 1st XV. Now taking Sports Studies at University College, Worcester. First played rugby for Camberley RFC. Enjoys playing all sports and favourite band is Chilli Peppers. Favourite film is Seven and keen on pizza. Played for England U18 (Clubs) last season.

Name : Oliver Morgan
Position : Fullback
Club : Gloucester & Millfield School Rugby
DOB : 03/11/85
Height : 1.82
Attends Millfield School where he plays first team Hockey and Athletics. He is an English Schools pentathlete and has three A Levels. First played rugby for Bournemouth RFC. Enjoys snowboarding and scuba diving. Favourite CD is Michael Jackson and favourite film is Battle of the Titans. Played for England Schools U16 but his ambition is to play for England and the British Lions.

Name : Topsy Ojo
Position :  Fullback
Club : London Irish
DOB : 28/07/85
Height : 180
: 82.9
Born in North Middlesex Hopsital, London. Attended Dartford Grammar School and taking 'A' Levels in Spanish, English Literature and Business Studies. England Schools 18 Group final triallist. Hobbies include soccer, music and computer games. Favourite band is Artist & Eminem and favourite dish is Spaghetti Bolognese. Hopes to become full-time rugby player and then a lawyer or sports agent.

Name : Thomas Rock
Position : Centre
Club : Leeds Tykes
DOB : 27/06/84
Height : 1.80
: 82.4
Born in Keighley. Attended Bingley Grammar School where he gained A' levels in Biology, Physics, Religious Studies and General Studies. Currently taking a gap year before reading Law at Leeds University in September 2003. First played for Keighley RFC but now a contracted player. Played for Yorkshire U20's. Hobbies include ski-ing, reading (especially action novels), watching TV and socialising. Favourite band is Travis.

Name : Benhamin Russell
Position : Fly Half/Centre
Club : Northampton Saints
DOB : 09/07/84
Height : 185
: 87.6
Born in Guildford. Attended Prince William School, Fullback Oundle. He has three 'A' Levels and hobbies include golf and painting. Played for England U19 in the 2002 FIRA Tournament and for England 7's in Dubai Tournament in 2003. Favourite band is Eagles and favourite food is ice cream. His ambition is to become a regular member of the Northampton Saints 1st XV.

Name : Tom Ryder
Position : No.8/Lock
Club : Leicester Tigers
DOB : 23/02/85
Height :  6' 5"
: 16st
Born in Nottingham. Attends Uppingham School taking & Uppingham School 'A' Levels in Business studies, P.E. and Biology. First played for Newark RFC. Played for England Schools U16 (Captain)in 2001 and U18 in 2002. Hobbies are cricket and surfing. Favourite band is The Verve and favourite film is Pulp Fiction. Best dish is an authentic Indian curry from Leicester. Hopes to take a degree in Sports Science. Ambition is to play for Leicester Tigers and England.

Name : William Skinner
Position :  Flanker
Club : Leicester Tigers
DOB : 08/02/84
Height : 5' 11"
: 89
Born in Northampton. Attended Bedford School where he captained the 1st XV and played for the Cricket 1st XI. Gained 'A' Levels in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Geography. First played rugby for Bedford RFC. Interested in all sports and films and skiing. Favourite film is Lord of the Rings and favourite dish is salmon. Member of the recent England Sevens Squad having just returned from Australia and New Zealand. Ambition is to continue playing for Leicester Tigers and to get a 1st Team cap for Leicester.

Name : Wayne Thompson
Position : Prop
Club : Bristol Shoguns
DOB : 19/03/84
Height : 1.81
: 103.5
Attended Marlwood School from 1995 to 2002 where he captained the 1st XV. Has 'A' levels in Geography, Biology, and Chemistry. Studying Cell Biology at University of Bath. First played rugby at Thornbury RFC. Hobbies include playing the electric guitar and playing cricket. Favourite band is Red Hot Chilli Peppers and favourite CD is Californication. Best food is chicken. Played for England U18 (Clubs) in 2002 and hopes to play Premiership rugby

Name : Richard Thorpe
Position : No.8/Flanker
Club : London Irish
DOB : 01/11/84
Height : 1.85
: 90.2
Born I London. Attends Whitgift School, Croydon & Whitgift School where he is taking 'A' Levels in History, Business Studies and Physical Education. Played for England Schools U16 in 2001 and U18 in 2002. First played for Saracens. His hobbies include boxing, driving and socialising. Favourite film is Pulp Fiction and favourite food is sirloin steak. Ambition is to be a professional rugby player and play for England.

Name : James Wellwood
Position :Centre
Club : London Wasps
DOB : 15/04/84
Height : 1.81
: 85.9
Born in London. Attended Harrow School where he gained A Levels in French, Spanish and physics. Hobbies include Scuba diving, shooting and ski-ing. Favourite band is Westlife and favourite meal is a very large steak with broccoli in a cheese sauce. Favourite Film is Freddy Got Fingered. Represented Wales U18 and was Middlesex Schools shot-putt champion in 2002.

Name : Simon Whatling
Position : Fly Half/Centre
Club : Bath
DOB : 16/09/84
Height : 1.73
Born in Bath. Attended Oldfield School. First played for Chippenham RFC. Currently studying for a GNVQ in Leisure & Recreation Management. Hobbies include cricket, soccer and volleyball, and going to the cinema. Favourite food is pasta.

Name : Edward Williamson
Position : No.8
Club : Newcastle Falcons
DOB : 31/03/84
Height : 191
Attended Barnard Castle School from 1991 to 2002. First played rugby for Darlington RFC. Currently at Northumbria University reading Geography and Sports studies. Interests include drawing and playing cricket. Favourite band is The Tweenies and favourite film is Pokemon The Movie. Likes beans and cheese and his ambition is to be a professional rugby player.

Name : David Wilson
Position : Prop
Club : Newcastle Falcons
DOB : 09/04/85
Height : 187
: 110
Born in South Shields. Attended and played for Harton School. First played for Westoe RFC. Likes all music except "RMB" (hates it with passion). Favourite film is Matrix. Ambition is to do the 'Real I am' at Twickenham.

Name : Tom Rees
Position : Flanker
Club : None
DOB : 11/09/84
Height : 6ft 1"
: 14st
Attends RGS High Wycombe. Previously played for Basingstoke RFC. Played for schools U16 group (2000-1) and U18 Group (2001/2). Played football for Basingstoke U13s.

Name : James Graham
Position : Prop (L/H)
Club : Bath
DOB : 14/08/84
Height : 6ft 2"
: 16st 10lb 
Went to Colston's from Sandown High School currently reading computing at Bristol University.  First played rugby for Winchester RFC and enjoys weights, gamlbing and football.  Favourite film is 'Any Given Sunday' and his favourite food is a jacket potato.  Amibition is to make the Bath 1st XV and eventually England.

Name : James Hoyle 
Position :   
Club :   
DOB : 04/03/85
Height : 185
: 13st

Attends Sedbergh School where he is studying for A levels.  First played rugby for Sale Sharks.  Captain of his school athletics team and is 4x100 Northern Record holder.  Enjoys sunbathing, snorkelling and socialising.  Favourite film is 'Any Given Sunday' and favourite food is subway baguettes.  Hopes to become a full time professional rugby player and win and England cap.

Name : Christopher Hallam 
Position :   
Club :   
DOB : 28/02/84
Height :

Attended Dinnington Comprehensive school and now studying Sport and Health studies at Worcester University.  First played rugby for Dinnington RFC.  Enjoys tennis and gambling.  Favourite band is Cold Play and favourite food is honey roast ham.  He played rugby for England U18 Clubs and Yorkshire.  His ambition is to play in the premiership. 



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