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CRB Process Guidelines

09 December 2004


The CRB process has been successfully taken up by many clubs during the last two and a half years.  The importance of the CRB disclosure process has definitely been recognised by clubs.  Well done everyone!  In order to speed up the process major points to consider when applying for disclosure

In order to speed the process up I have listed below the major points to consider when applying for disclosure.

How do I obtain the CRB Application Forms?

�         The RFU is a Registered Body and therefore it is recommended that all clubs obtain their CRB disclosures through us.

�         Application forms can be obtained from Chris Rawlings at the RFU in Twickenham - telephone 0208 831 7454.

How do I complete a CRB Application Form?he form must be completed in black ink only.

�         Section A must be completed in full.

�         Section B must be completed in full

�         Section C - parts 20 - 27 should only be completed if the applicant has used any other names (eg. Maiden name or where women identify themselves as Ms)

�         Section C - parts 28 - 32 must be completed.

�         Section D should only be completed if the applicant has lived at the current address for less than 5 years.  Five years address history must be supplied.

�         Sections E & F no longer need to be completed.

�         Section G should not be completed.

�         Section H - must be completed in full.

�         Section X - must be completed by the Club Welfare Officer or his deputy.  Three original documents - one of which must be a current utility bill or bank statement.  Ideally driving licence, passport and utility should be produced.  A list of documents which are accepted appears on page 1 of the purple �An applicant's Guide to Completing the Disclosure Application Form'

�         Section Y must be left blank.  This section is completed at Twickenham.

�         A confirmation of disclosure form must be completed for every application form.  These will be provided with the application forms.

�         Once completed the forms should then be passed either to your CB Welfare Manager or to Chris Rawlings at Twickenham. This information will be provided in the letter which accompanies the application forms.

�         At Twickenham the forms are checked, logged on a database and then sent to the CRB in Liverpool.

�         Once the CRB have completed their checks a disclosure certificate will be sent to the applicant and a copy will be sent to the Registered Body, I.e. RFU Twickenham.

What do I do if a coach has a disclosure certificate which was obtained through their profession or another registered body?

�        The disclosure certificate must be an enhanced disclosure


�         The RFU will only accept the disclosure certificate if it is less than a year old.


�         If it is more than a year old it will have to be renewed.


�         If it is less than a year old the following information is required from it:

a) Full name and address

b) Date of birth

c) Disclosure Certificate Number and date of issue

d) Countersignatory name and full address of registered body

e) A signed letter from person concerned giving the registered body permission to confirm such details relating to their disclosure issued by the CRB.

For any further guidance please get in touch with or


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