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England Counties 2003 stat attack

01 January 2004



Rugby Canada Super League All Stars 17 England Counties 38

(at Ellerslie Rugby Park, Edmonton, June 18)


England Counties: James Moore (Cheshire); Matt Jess (Cornwall), Malcolm Roberts (Cornwall), Paul Mooney (Northumberland), David Strettle (Cheshire); Tom Barlow (Devon), Shaun Perry (North Midlands); Justin Wring (Yorkshire); Mark Luffman (Yorkshire); Kris Fullman (Yorkshire), Paul Arnold (Lancashire), Jason Oakes (Northumberland), Craig Hammond (Notts, Lincs & Derbs,capt), David Wilks (Lancashire), Ed Thorpe (Northumberland). Reps used: Martin O'Keefe (Lancashire), Paul Price (Gloucestershire), Paul Williams (Yorkshire), Chris Lowrie (Devon), Craig Jones (Gloucestershire).

Sin-binned: Luffman 67, Sent-off: Wring 70

Scorers: Tries - Mooney (2), Moore, Jess, Fullman, Thorpe; Cons - Moore (4)


Vancouver Island Crimson Tide 0 England Counties 43

(at Shawnigan Lake School, June 12, 2004)


England Counties: Warren Spragg (Lancashire & Wakefield); James Aston (North Midlands & Moseley), Malcolm Roberts (Cornwall & Newbury), Paul Mooney (Northumberland & Tynedale), David Strettle (Cheshire & Rotherham); Tom Barlow (Devon & Plymouth Albion), Sean Perry (North Midlands & Coventry); Justin Wring (Yorkshire & Otley), Mark Luffman (Yorkshire & Otley), Martin O'Keefe (Lancashire & Wakefield), Paul Arnold (Lancashire & Sedgely Park), Jason Oakes (Northumberland & Otley), Craig Hammond (Notts, Lincs & Derbys & Nottingham, captain), Dave Wilks (Lancashire & Manchester), Ed Thorpe (Northumberland & Otley). Replacements (all used): Rob Faulkner (Somerset & Newbury), Paul Price (Gloucestershire & Lydney), Kris Fullman (Yorkshire & Otley), Paul Williams (Yorkshire & Otley), Chris Lowrie (Devon & Plymouth Albion), Craig Jones (Gloucestershire & Stourbridge), Ben Foden (Cheshire & Chester), Matt Jess (Cornwall & Penzance & Newlyn), James Moore (Cheshire & Vale of Lune), Richard Senior (Lancashire & Sedgely Park), Ricky Hyslop (Warwickshire & Nuneaton).


Sin-binned: Wilks & Fullman


Scorers: England Counties: Tries - Roberts, Fullman, Perry, Lawrie, penalty try, Strettle. Cons - Barlow 2, Moore 3. Pen - Moore.


England Counties 18 France Amateurs 27

(at Henley, December 28, 2003)


England Counties: James Moore (Sale), Craig Cooper (Unattached), Freeman Payne (Waterloo), Jan Bonney (Esher), Ben Murphy (Nottingham), Lee Cholewa (Harrogate), Jamie Hamilton (Nuneaton, captain), Rob Faulkner (Newbury), Joe Duffy (Nottingham), Neil Collins (Newbury), Paul Clapham (Doncaster), Lee Soper (Penzance Newlyn), Craig Hammond (Nottingham), Matt Evans (Worcester), Dave Muckalt (Macclesfield).

Replacements: Paul Price (Lydney), Gareth Roberts (Sedgley Park), Shaun Brady (Bedford), Richard Senior (Sedgley Park), Jon Higgins (Worcester), Mal Roberts (Newbury), Rob Hitchmough).


Scorers: England Counties: Tries - Soper, Moore. Con - Moore. Pens - Moore 2.

France Amateurs: Tries - Gasperi 3, Bruzy. Cons - Bruzy, Caillat. Pen - Bruzy



France Amateurs 26 England Counties 24

(at Blagnac, June 24, 2003)


England Counties: Rob Hitchmough (Waterloo & Lancashire), James Moore (Sale Sharks & Cheshire), Sean Casey (Liverpool St Helens & Lancashire), Jan Bonney (Esher & Middlesex), Mark Kirkby (Otley & Yorkshire), Peter Murphy (Manchester & Cumbria), Andy Brown (Otley & Yorkshire), Tony Windo (captain, Worcester & Gloucestershire), Michael Armstrong (Manchester & Cumbria), Martin O'Keefe (Orrell & Lancashire), Jason Oakes (Otley & Northumberland), Lee Soper (Launceston & Cornwall), Florent Rossigneux (London Welsh & Middlesex), Shaun Brady (Coventry & Warwickshire), Dave Muckalt (Manchester & Lancashire).

Replacements: Terry Sigley (Birmingham Solihull & North Midlands), Paul Price (Lydney & Gloucestershire), Shaun Brady (Coventry), Paul Arnold (Sedgley Park & Lancashire), Glen Wilson (Wakefield & Yorkshire), Paul Knight (Birmingham Solihull & Gloucestershire), Craig Cooper (Manchester & Cheshire), Dave Knight (Birmingham Solihull & Gloucestershire).


Scorers: Tries - Moore, Brady, Casey. Cons - Moore 3. Pen - Moore.

France Amateurs: Tries - Bastide, Couturier. Cons - Darricarrere 2. Pens - Caillat 4.



Romania 45 England Counties 23

(National Stadium, Bucharest, June 14, 2003)


England Counties: Rob Hitchmough (Waterloo), James Moore (Sale Sharks), Craig Cooper (Manchester), Jan Bonney (Esher), Mark Kirkby (Otley), Peter Murphy (Manchester), Paul Knight (Birmingham Solihull), Tony Windo (captain, Worcester), Michael Armstrong (Manchester), Martin O'Keefe (Orrell), Jason Oakes (Otley), Lee Soper (Launceston), Florent Rossigneux (London Welsh), Nathan Bland (Otley), Glen Wilson (Wakefield).

Replacements: Terry Sigley (Birmingham Solihull), Paul Price (Lydney), Paul Arnold (Sedgley Park), Dave Muckalt (Manchester), Shaun Brady (Coventry), Andy Brown (Otley), John Swords (London Welsh)


Scorers: Romania: Tries - Balan 2, Tincu 2, Maftei. Cons - Tofan 4. Pens - Tofan 4.

England Counties: Tries - Soper, Penalty try. Cons - Moore 2. Pens - Moore 3.


Romania A 24 England Counties 26

(RC Farul, Constanta, June 10, 2003)


England Counties: Rob Hitchmough (Waterloo), John Swords (London Welsh), Craig Cooper (Manchester), Jan Bonney (Esher), Mark Kirkby (Otley), Peter Murphy (Manchester), Andy Brown (Otley), Tony Windo (captain, Worcester), Michael Armstrong (Manchester), Richard Moore (Nuneaton), Paul Arnold (Sedgley Park), Lee Soper (Launceston), Florent Rossigneux (London Welsh), Nathan Bland (Otley), Glen Wilson (Wakefield).

Replacements: Shaun Brady (Coventry), Martin Giraud (London Welsh), Dave Knight (Birmingham Solihull), Paul Knight (Birmingham Solihull), James Moore (Vale of Lune, Sale Sharks), Dave Muckalt (Manchester), Jason Oakes (Otley), Martin O'Keefe (Orrell), Paul Price (Lydney), Terry Sigley (Birmingham Solihull).


Scorers: Romania A: Tries - Stanca, Ratiu, Gheara. Cons - Stanca 2, Andrei. Pen: Andrei.

England Counties: Tries - Price, Bonney. Cons - Moore 2. Pens: Murphy 3, Moore.