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Quick Fire with Mike Friday

30 November 2004

30 November 2004
Ahead of the opening tournament of the IRB Sevens in Dubai on Thursday, caught up with Head Coach Mike Friday

1. Whats so special about sevens rugby rather than 15 a side?
Its rugby at a fast, physical pace and is always entertaining

2. Who is the best sevens team in the world?
If I am not allowed to say England! then I have to say New Zealand. They have been consistently strong over the past few seasons and are a very streetwise, intelligent and physical team.

3. Who is the best sevens player in the world?
I actually think there are four outstanding sevens players in the world at the moment - Henry Paul, Simon Amor, Ben Gollings and Vallence.

4. Which is the best sevens tournament in the world (other than Twickenham)?
Hong Kong - its the blue ribbon event of the series and its a great place to play if you are an Englishman

5. Name one player who you wished you could choose for your sevens team?
I'd like two please - Jason Robinson and Henry Paul.

6. What's the worst thing about sevens?
There is no where to hide on the pitch plus your lungs hang out of your mouth cos its such hard work!

7. Whats the best thing about coaching instead of playing?
I don't get so tired! 

8. Whats the best thing about Dubai?
The huge English ex-pat support plus the fantastic playing environment.

9. Whats the best thing about George?
We are the holders!

10. What is your sevens career highlight so far?
From a playing point of view it was captaining England in the 1998 Commonwealth Games and then the 2001 Rugby World Cup Sevens.  From a coaching point of view its having the opportunity to coach such a fantastic group of young England players.