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Jonny Hylton England Sevens Diary

08 December 2005

8 December 2005
Worcester Warrior Jonny Hylton keeps up to date with the England Sevens squad's activities in George, South Africa ahead of tomorrow's Emirates Airline South Africa Sevens.

"I got up about 9am (we were treated to a lie-in following a fairly tough double training session on Tuesday!) and had scrambled eggs, toast, beans, pancakes with syrup, some cereal and some orange juice. We are really trying to make sure we are properly hydrated as it is pretty hot over here and I have had a bit of a sniffle recently so we are being hydrated tested two or three times a day. 
After breakfast a few players went to the gym to do some weights but I haven't been feeling that great so I just rested in my room.
After lunch we had the afternoon off and went to a wildlife place about an hour away where we could dive with the crocodiles. It wasn't actually as scary as it sounds.  Will Mathews (Gloucester) and I went in a cage with a mask and a wet suit on and then it was lowered into a large pond with about eight crocodiles in it. They were pretty big but luckily were quite sleepy so didn't really move. I was definately the braver of the two of us and tried to stir them up a bit by moving about in the water but they weren't having any of it!
We also got to hold a giant python and a few of the boys went into enclosures with baby cheetah cubs and white tiger cubs which was pretty cool.
We then drove back to the hotel which was a really scenic route all through the mountains and along the coast.   Got back and had some more monitoring and hydration testing. We then went out to dinner at a local restaurant called the Old Townhouse which was in George. Most of the players had steak and with only a few days till the tournament we were all pretty good about not eating unhealthy food and stuck to the baked potatoes rather than the chips!
Got back and my room mate Simon Amor (Gloucester) watched a film in our room - the name of which I can't remember but it had the Rock in it - and then went to sleep about 11pm.